Date: 08/13/2019

Company: Solo

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Notes: Second hike after moving out to Colorado.

Time Milage Notes
7:30am 0 Start hiking
  1.7 Opening in mountains (valley). Lots of wildflowers. Walk through / swim through them.
9:00am 2 Steep rock steps. Well marked. Rewarded with view of waterfall. Take trail to the right, don’t try to go along waterfall. Too steep.
  2.6 Walk along river
  2.7 Can access river. Refill water.
  2.9 Wooded, dirt terrain. Some incline.
9:35am 3.1 Cross river. Suns out!
  3.4 Steep incline. Winded. Chipmonk towards top. Mushroom too.
9:55am 3.6 Absolutely stunning. 360 degree view. Climb rock to the right for pic.
10:12am 4 Oil drum trail right
  4.1 Swiss Alps feel. Mountains on three sides. Big rocks, grass, dirt, pine trees.
10:25am   See first group coming back. Gophers.
10:48am 5 Last .7 miles are tough. Lots of elevation. Can see the top from here.
10:55am   Other hiker coming down. Asked if I saw mountain goats around Mile 4.
11:00am 5.3 Made it to the lake! Walk along path to the right and found a rock to lean against and eat lunch. I like looking the way I came in. Less rocks, better view of the lake.
12:30pm   Finished lunch and reading book. Put legs in lake. Cold.
12:45pm   Start back to the car
2:15pm   Back at the waterfall. Lot more people.
3:10pm   Finsih at car