Psycho-Cybernetics is a self-help book written by Maxwell Maltz that proposes that humans have a self-image of themselves which is painted by their experiences and feedback from others and their actions align themselves in order to reinforce and maintain that self-image.

I accidentally came across this video when looking for videos related to regular cybernetics, a topic I am reading about in The Dream Machine by M. Mitchell Waldrop.

The video starts out by saying the first and basic truth of cybernetics is that “image is all.” Whatever our self-image is manifests itself into reality through our actions.

Self-image sets the boundaries of human accomplishment. It is the key to your personality, to your behavior, to your character. Enlarge the scope of your self-image to confidence and you enlarge the scope of what you can do in this world to reach self-fufillment.

Humans have this idea that they are born to succeed or born to fail, prone to be happy or unhappy, alone or with others.

He demonstrates this phenomena with an example of a young girl who was in an auto accident. Despite having her face reconstructed and her beauty restored, she still didn’t feel beautiful. Looking into the situation, Maxwell realized that she had been in a relationship with a man who left her for another woman, and he proposed that this left her with a negative self-image that no plastic surgery could repair because it was internal to her.

Cybernetics - helman - steering ship to port Pyscho - mind = steering mind to port

We have two worlds within us: one of light and confidence and another with darkness and frustration.

Salvador Dali's Darkness and Light (1966)

If you call upon your past successes, you succeed. If you call upon your past failures, you fail even before you start.

  1. You have a self-image and you can improve it
  2. You have a success mechanism that steers your mind towards a goal
  3. You can use your imagination constructively or destructively
  4. Think creatively and act creatively. Refusing to be sidetracked by negative feelings. Learn to do one thing at a time. Live in the present.

The whole business of success is to rise above a blunder or a failure. Forget past failures, concentrate on past successes.

  1. Forgive others
  2. Forgive yourself
  3. See yourself at your best
  4. Keep up with yourself, not someone else
  5. Dehypnotise yourself from negative beliefs

Leave your troubles from home at home and the troubles from the office at home.

Happiness belongs to you like your eyes or ears.

S - sense of direction

U - understanding your needs and needs of other people

C - courage

C - compassion

E - esteem (self-respect)

S - self-acceptance

S - self confidence

F - frustration

A - agressiveness

I - insecurity

L - lonliness

U - uncertainty

R - resentment

E - emptiness

Honestly, I started getting bored at this point. I was getting overwhelmed with the rapid fire mnemonics.

  1. Refuse to let your negative feelings make your self-image shrink, focus on your successes to boost your self-confidence.

You can’t be a friend to others unless you are a friend to yourself first

  • Can’t give to others what you don’t have yourself.