Kevin Mulcrone

Software Engineer based in Denver, CO

(708) 805-9743 - -


Self-motivated individual with experience in software engineering, marketing, and business. Strength areas:
  • Self-motivated and able to learn new skills
  • Excellent written and oral communication and analytical skills
  • A strong work ethic combined with time management and organization

Work Experience - Software Engineer
Nov 2020 - Present, Remote
  • Will update in the future...
RADAR - Software Engineer
Sept 2019 - Present, Denver, CO
  • Added to and maintained the companies preexisting Typecript HTLC library
  • Integrated multiple cryptocurrency exchange APIs into asset trading and rebalancer logic
  • Built a Lightning Node dashboard that enabled users to easily visualize their node’s channels and circular rebalance them if necessary
  • Wrote technical documentation for Javascript client API
  • Wrote blog post for a semi-technical audience explaining the company’s submarine swap provider service
Losant - Software Engineer
June 2018 - Aug. 2019, Cincinnati, OH
  • Added various features to frontend application using React, Redux, and styled-components with two other frontend engineers
  • Wrote comprehensive application search features for Node.js backend
  • Wrote t-digest Kairos plugin in Java for median aggregations on time series data
  • Collaborated with other developers using git and Jira
  • Wrote tests using Mocha, Jest, Enzyme, and React Testing Library
Terrapin Ticketing - Co-Founder / Software Engineer
Sept. 2017 - Dec. 2018, Cincinnati, OH
  • Designed and built frontend web app using React, Redux, styled-components
  • Refactored frontend after initial MVP using principles from Refactoring UI
  • Initial backend written in Solidity
  • Handled all business development and operations for the project


Honors Bachelor of Arts, Philosophy, Politics, & The Public (PPP)
Bachelor of Arts, Computer Science
Xavier University


Economics – Interested in the Austrian School of economics and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Attended conferences put on by the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE), Students for Liberty, and MIT Bitcoin Expo.

Furniture Making – I’m an amateur woodworker / furniture maker. I’ve taken classes at Lost Art Press and built several chairsand stools.

Live Music – I am a big supporter of live music. I have volunteered and worked at several music festivals, built an application to facilitate fans trading tickets.