Kevin Mulcrone

Hey! My name is Kevin Mulcrone.

I’m a Software Engineer at RADAR, a software and financial services company that is building products for our next financial system on top of the Bitcoin’s Lightning Network.

I taught myself how to program in high school so that I could launch The Perfect Level, an online marketplace that facilitated the sales of Halo 3 and Call of Duty 4 profiles between gamers. I made some money running that, but it was mostly just a way to justify the uncountable hours spent playing Halo 3 with my best friends to my mom.

In 2017, I graduated from Xavier University with a degree in Computer Science and Philosophy, Politics, & The Public (PPP). My senior year I wrote a thesis paper called Free Money: How Distrust Severed Government’s Role in Banking and Why the Civil War Reunited It because I was interested in the ideas that F.A. Hayek talked about in his book The Denationalization of Money. The paper examines how the Free Banking Era (1837-1864) came about in the United States, the way it functioned, and what eventually brought about its demise by paralleling the events during that 30 year period to what John Locke discusses in his Second Treatise on Government. Here is the video of my presentation if you’re interested.

I’m convinced that entrepreneurship and technology will help foster a society that is more free, productive, ethical, and fun than our world today. I’m interested in using computers to help speed up this process. In particular, I’m curious about how the internet has affected individuals’ relationship with one another and how a digital currency like Bitcoin might foster economies that run parallel to the current banking system.

In my free time, I like traveling to new places, being outside, riding my Salsa Vaya bicycle, seeing live music, and working on interesting projects. I contribute to Lightning Paywall’s frontend in order to dip my toes into design. I also launched Panic 2016, a parody campaign to get my favorite band Widespread Panic elected President because I’m poor, and laughter is cheap medicine.